Signature Stone Collection by Antolini of Italy Features an Exciting Leather Finish

Signature Stone Collection by Antolini

Signature Stone Collection by Antolini

Looking for a change to the traditional granite countertops? Not a fan of the glossy finish or the problems with honed material? Then you should consider a leather finish on your stone. Leathered granite brings a unique look to your countertops yet continues to give you all the benefits of a granite surface. Plus, this new leathered effect can minimize the muck marks and fingerprints you typically see with a glossy finish. Leather granite has a stylish matte finish and can provide a more textured feel and softer organic look depending on the color and style you choose. The actual leathering process gives the stone more color and texture consistency, and makes it pleasing to the touch. Like traditional granite, it’s able to withstand hot and cold, allows you to cut on it, and is resistant to stains and chips. Come by our showroom in the center of Sherborn (28 North Main Street) to see samples of this great new look!

Advantages of channel drain systems…

The biggest change/ improvement in showers of late is the channel drain system. Like anything new, these are still a little more expensive and require another skill set to install the special pan system. However, the channel drain has made a few things possible that will make you come to love this new method of water evacuation. First, there’s no more sloping to a single point. This allows large format tiles to be used. And yes, less grout at the bottom and an almost flat floor, giving you a puddle-free floor. Another advantage is the walk in (no stoop) look that offers another level of luxury. We are a dealer of these drains, and to see more, please click here.

What’s new in bathroom luxury

Showers are still the most sought after luxury item in bathroom renovation. There are a few things that have changed since this trend started. In the 90’s increasing the showers size was the main goal … of course as large as possible, while fitting the over-sized jetted tub into the design. bathroom luxAfter big-sized showers, amenities such as steam, body sprays and built in benches started emerging.  Like most things, evolution has a way of making things better. For starters, body sprays have been replaced with a second hand-held shower. These are great for leg shaving and rinsing down the shower. You can also use this hand-held on an adjustable arm if you want to point the massage setting at your lower back… and with proper volume control you can have both heads operating simultaneously. Rain heads are making a big inroad… probably due to options that make them more control in pressure and less expensive than the early models. If you are going to have one of these heads, make sure you check out the pressure and volume for these units and that you have proper water supply as part of your renovation. We still install benches — both storage and foot rests — so that leg shaving is safer and easier. As for the jetted tub, with our more hectic lives today, a nice soaking tub without the ½ hour fill time and noisy motor is a more Zen like experience.  So Happy Bathing!

Bathroom Design Trends

A Room with a View.  Homeowners are looking for an indoor/outdoor connection in every room in their home, and the bathroom is no exception.  Natural light lends a livable homey feel, and the sun that enters the room warms the skin, the tile, the water and the air. Flow of Space.  Many of Today’s most desired bathrooms boast little distinction between where the floor ends, and where everything else begins.  The continuation of tile from floor to walls, shower, and tub lend a free flow feel, while gentle color palettes provide a spa-like ambiance. Minimalist Chic.  When it comes to bathrooms, modern and minimal is replacing over-crowded and over-decorated. Slight curves, straight lines, and symmetry create a clean refined look.  Understated faucets and fixtures lend simplicity.  Neutral materials and earth tones are subtle and soothing.  This type of space is conducive to finding peace and serenity and transcends into a timeless look. Private Chambers.  In the past, bathrooms consisted of a combination tub/shower, toilet and vanity with sink.  However, today’s baths function as a space for relaxation and retreat, and in this environment, a separate toilet compartment takes away “rough edges” and adds beauty (and privacy) to a luxurious room.  A closed off toilet chamber also allows for more comfortable sharing of bathroom space.

Text Adapted from Better Homes & Gardens magazine; Photos of Wiese Company Projects

Counters Have Come a Long Way

Mom may have had a laminate top, likely trimmed in chrome. Today, your choices are much more varied, and consumers are installing new, creative looks.

The first company to take solid surfaces by storm was DuPont, with Corian.  Since losing its patent, the price of Corian has come down and is currently priced approximately in line with granite. While you cannot cut on acrylics or place a hot pot on the countertop, it is still the only surface that offers a true seamless look.

Granite is still king. Nothing can replicate what nature makes unique in every slab, and granite is still the most widely used kitchen counter in the Wellesley area. Granite is a great choice for kitchens because you can cut on it without a cutting board, and it will not melt if you place a hot pan atop it.  It even expedites the cooling of a pie removed fresh from the oven.

Quartz products have arrived. With all the benefits of granite, quartz products are also non-porous, offer consistency in color, and will not blemish if installed with a “honed” or “matte” finish. The major brands are Silestone, Zodiaq, and CaesarStone. The cost is slightly higher than for granite but may be worth using if the color and style fit your design.