Trending in decks!

Top 5 trends in deck materials are changing the landscape- literally.

  1. Tropically deep tones for the materials on the floor, gaining popularity on interior floors, this trend is moving its way outside. Mahogany is still a favorite in our area and staining this is popular to maintain that deep chocolate finish as well as protect the wood from the environment.
  2.  Plastic Decking is taking market share from some of the composites. This is primarily due to the fact that it does not stain, scratch or develop mold spotting according to the manufacturer.
  3.  Railings are changing as well, from fantastic maintenance free systems that have the same beauty of a finely crafted painted rail, to cables and metal balusters that improve the view to the back yard.
  4. Hidden fasteners are becoming more common, both because homeowners are willing to spend more for this improved aesthetic and the increase in manufacturers that have improved the quality as well as reduced the price and labor requirement.
  5. What products are green? If you want a green decking material, choose a product that uses recycled materials and does not require annual staining.

Planning Your Outdoor Space for Optimum Results

When you add a deck or patio to your home it will be important to think about how you will use the space and how it correlates to the floor plan, architecture and grounds. Outdoor spaces are also an important “transition” from inside to out and should blend in a way that makes it difficult to see the exact beginning and end of each space. This will create a proper flow aesthetically and emotionally. Things to consider:

  • Will there be a garden to incorporate now or later? Wide steps or stepping stones can be used in lieu of additional plantings to blend the yard to the space.
  • What is the solar direction? Be sure to check the angle of the sun. Having an awning or trellis over windows can shade out the high summer solar gain in the summer and allow the lower angle of the winter sun to enter. Using the correct height and depth will make this work to improve energy ills as well as add comfort and a great look.
  • Should a trellis or pergola be added for privacy or shade? A pergola overhead will do more than provide shade. This will also help create the effect of having an outdoor room. Cover overhead, even one that will not stop the rain has a calming- protective feeling. Adding a higher rail with some form of lattice will also provide a sense of security, privacy and coziness. You will notice this design element in restaurants where just a cloth separates diners and a lowered ceiling is strategically place over the bar area. Voila! An instant change to the environment.
  • What is the style of the home? This is your opportunity to add bold classic lines to a form that may need a boost or sleek slender lines to carry what may be a contemporary home style. Take the current architectural form into consideration first, and then you will be able to decide on the direction of your vision.

Green Innovation & Quality Carpentry

Splendid details meet a dash of green in this spec house located in Wellesley’s Cliff Estates.

When we decided to take on the challenge of revitalizing this 1920’s property, our team wanted to exercise their creative side and incorporate features not found in many spec homes today. Ray decided on the Craftsman style and the team went to work selecting materials that would call to mind an era cherished in architecture, and evoke an appreciation for the skills required of the carpenters who would construct it.

Green remodeling concepts were also integrated. What’s Green? Closed cell foam insulation will increase the insulation value of this home; mostly due to the lack of air fenestration found with common fiberglass. Foam insulation is costly now, but will provide years of added comfort and lowered energy costs. The air filtration is enhanced with the heating and air-conditioning system to reduce allergens and a separate fresh air system was added to further the indoor air quality, especially for those winter months when the home is closed up. On the outside, old-world stucco and generous overhangs reduce exterior maintenance while looking fantastic. In addition, we were able to save a large portion of the original home and avoid sending another four containers of waste to the landfill.

Due to be complete in early 2008, this home will offer 4800 square feet with 5 bedrooms, 4 ½ baths and a master suite with marble bath and barrel-vaulted bedroom and dressing room. The kitchen will provide both the space and amenities fit for a professional chef, the consummate host, or anyone just looking to entertain without leaving your guests.

The result of integrating the principals of quality construction and Green remodeling, is the best of old-school practices and forward-looking innovation.  We are all very proud of the project, and anxious to demonstrate how brand new style meets time-honored skill in this whole house remodel.

Color Associations

Color affects our moods, whether it is in our living and working environment or in the clothing we wear.  We feel energized and uplifted by some colors, calmed and quieted by others. The intensity of a color as well as its tint or shade can also affects its influence.

For example, while orange is very energizing, peach is more soothing. Below are colors and some of their associations:

  • Red -Stimulates the appetite, raises blood pressure, attracts attention, creates excitement and takes control. It is forceful, bold, extreme, aggressive, impulsive, energetic. Red suggests physical strength, rejuvenation, self-confidence, love, passion, sensuousness, danger, courage, vitality. It is tfirst color the eye sees upon awakening.
  • Orange -Is friendly, cheerful, happy, associated with thirst and refreshment, an energy color, associated with movement. It creates a sense of order and equality without power and control. Orange is an antidepressant, conferring respiratory & intestinal health. It is bold, decreases hostility and irritability, with a social, gregarious, active, jovial, fickle, and extroverted side.
  • Yellow -Stimulates memory, mental clarity, with uplifting feelings of optimism, warmth, cheerfulness, wisdom, and brightness. It aids digestion, scirculation, but signals frustration, caution. Yellow is the most difficult colofor the eye to process and see.
  • Green -Confers a sense of relaxation and comfort, represents health and prosperity, and refreshes the spirit. It is the most well-liked color and the easiest color for the eye to see. It suggests balance, harmony, replenishment, heart health, growth, birth, envy, inexperience, wealth, refreshment, compassion, rejuvenation, balance, moderation, concentration, security.
  •  Blue -Is non-threatening, and is a symbol of trust and longevity. It is refreshing, soothing, calm, dependable, anti-inflammatory, an insomnia and headache relief. It slows metabolism, lowers blood pressure, decreases heartburn and indigestion, and is associated with travel and leisure, authority and strength. Blue is the most popular color in the U.S.
  • Purple – Contains elements of surprise and magic. It is philosophical, and represents royalty. It suggests romance, imagination, passion. It  suppresses appetite, and fosters love, wisdom, reverence, inspiration, spirituality, an enlightened feeling, and quietness. Purple eases the mind and overactive glands, conveying elegance and artistic creativity.
  • Black -Suggests sophistication, elegance, dignity, power, worldliness, aloofness, intimidation, and mystery.
  • White -Indicates purity, innocence, cleanliness, youth, naiveté.
  • Gray -Lacks assertiveness, but suggests intelligence, guarded behavior, a sense of discipline.
  • Brown -Conveys warmth and comfort, solidarity, positive food associations (from the orange family), and evokes less intense behavioral responses.

Bathroom Design Trends

A Room with a View.  Homeowners are looking for an indoor/outdoor connection in every room in their home, and the bathroom is no exception.  Natural light lends a livable homey feel, and the sun that enters the room warms the skin, the tile, the water and the air. Flow of Space.  Many of Today’s most desired bathrooms boast little distinction between where the floor ends, and where everything else begins.  The continuation of tile from floor to walls, shower, and tub lend a free flow feel, while gentle color palettes provide a spa-like ambiance. Minimalist Chic.  When it comes to bathrooms, modern and minimal is replacing over-crowded and over-decorated. Slight curves, straight lines, and symmetry create a clean refined look.  Understated faucets and fixtures lend simplicity.  Neutral materials and earth tones are subtle and soothing.  This type of space is conducive to finding peace and serenity and transcends into a timeless look. Private Chambers.  In the past, bathrooms consisted of a combination tub/shower, toilet and vanity with sink.  However, today’s baths function as a space for relaxation and retreat, and in this environment, a separate toilet compartment takes away “rough edges” and adds beauty (and privacy) to a luxurious room.  A closed off toilet chamber also allows for more comfortable sharing of bathroom space.

Text Adapted from Better Homes & Gardens magazine; Photos of Wiese Company Projects