Private Chef Unveils Spring Canape Delights!

Want to enjoy a fun event with a private chef?  This year, we welcome back Chef Kurt von Kahle; to cook delicious food on site, and offer a chance to win dinner for 6 prepared at your home!  Chef Kurt is an amazing talent and he will be showing how a single convection oven and 30″ induction cook top can feed a party of 50! Chef will be recommending which wine works with his creations, and sharing his expertise on how to make these beautiful dishes as well as how to maximize the tools you have to make entertaining easier!  This will be another educational, exciting and delicious way to welcome in the start of the spring season.  The date is April 7th from 6-9pm at our showroom in Sherborn.  Here is what you will be helping us achieve:

This year we will be helping the volunteers that help those who are less fortunate.  My relationship with A Place To Turn food pantry started when my son was a young Scout.  Because I own a pick-up, I usually made the transfer of the Boy Scouts food drive from Sherborn to Natick.  Joanne Barry, the director is always there to greet us with some of their volunteers.  On My first visit, Joanne made time to give me, and 2 of my young children a private tour of the pantry and explain their mission.  I learned about the difference in this regional treasure, and how they help referred clients, most of who are going through a temporary challenge and need help to feed their family.

We have already helped the pantry with some renovation on the second floor, and Joanne tells me that the biggest impact has been to the volunteers who spend full days there.  It makes their job easier, and allows them to help those in need with a more respectful “Place to Turn”.  This winter, Joanne called and needed help with the powder room.  Of course anyone who needs to use the space can, however; the volunteers are typically the ones using the facility, and it is in desperate need of repair.  Our belief is that any funds the pantry has can be better used to keep this vital part of the community’s fabric on good ground, so we are hoping to help raise enough funds to make this a 100% community funded project.

The Wiese Company will donate more than $10,000 in labor and materials.  We have had several vendors offer free or much discounted services (our electrician-Steve Pacewicz, demolition man-Jeff McNulty and painter-Kevin Carlson are working for free).  Unfortunately, the space has Asbestos that requires abatement and the plumbing required is commercial in nature and will be very expensive, making the project total approximately $5,000 more than a typical residential project of this size.  Any and all donations made will go directly to A Place To Turn- and if we raise more than the goal of $8,500- they can use this toward their next capitol project!

The price to attend the event is $50, and all the costs of the event will be covered by The Wiese Company.  100% of your ticket or other donations will go to A Place To Turn.  I hope to see you, but if your calendar is full, we can still use a hand.  Please follow this link and help us create a safer and more enjoyable environment for the volunteers at A Place To Turn.

Join Us For Our Annual Fundraising Event!


With your help, The Wiese Company and our friends will install a much needed powder room at A Place to Turn Food Pantry in Natick. A few years ago, we transformed their upstairs clothing donation area to make it welcoming for all guests. Now, we will provide design work and labor to renovate their existing powder room, which currently doubles as storage space for overflowing toiletry donations. We will be holding a fundraiser at our showroom on Thursday, April 7th to help raise money for the materials & services to install a new powder room. This year our Chef Kurt Von Kahle will return to provide some wonderful food and wine pairings. We hope that you can join us for a fun evening and a great cause! If you are unable to attend, we also have a fabulous raffle prize available: A dinner party for 6 cooked in your home by Chef Kurt!

Follow the links below to donate or attend! 

Raffle Tickets $25
Attend Event $50
 Includes (1) raffle ticket
Silver Sponsor $100
 Admission for (1)
 (2) raffle tickets
Gold Sponsor $250
 Admission for (2)
 (6) raffle tickets
 Donation will go towards electrical, plumbing, paint, and tile labor
Platinum Sponsor $500
 Admission for (2)
 (6) raffle tickets
 Includes 2 hours of handyman service provided by The Wiese Company
 Donation will go towards lighting fixtures, toilet, sink, and tile

Existing Powder Room at A Place to Turn

Uncomplicated–The new word in luxurious home remodeling

This week I met with a couple I have worked for in the past- we did a beautiful kitchen remodel in their current Wellesley home over 10 years ago, and now they have decided to buy a home that they can transform completely. This project entails a whole home remodel with a pretty good size addition, complete with a larger kitchen and master suite. Fancy-right? It will be beautiful I am sure and of high quality also, but while we were talking about what the couple wanted to include- the word “uncomplicated” was used.

It dawned on me that this is really where our busy lives are headed, and the word “simplify” that became popular in the Great Recession looks like it will be replaced in the improving economy with uncomplicated. I believe this is trending because one of the significant changes in the recession was that we had to work as a society even harder to keep moving forward, and that busy lifestyle isn’t slowing with improved economics- it may be the new normal (another phrase coined in more difficult times). So here are the items that we are going to focus on, in the clients own words, which we have also heard from many clients all year:

  1. I want a pantry- so I can have everything convenient, and not in another room or closet or downstairs… nearby. The working space in the kitchen does not have to be huge- no need for a large amount of cabinets, but the space should be large enough for entertaining- maybe some soft seating.

  2. A large mudroom that multi tasks would make life easier coming and going with all the sports and other activities. I would like to add a second smaller laundry to take care of the things on the first floor… and we would also like a powder room off the mudroom as well so the kids don’t traipse across the house with muddy shoes if they are playing outside.

  3. A proper dressing room with everything in it so we can get ready without walking into the bedroom for socks in a drawer and back to the closet for the pants. It would be great to have everything together- and one side for each of us.

When the client used the word uncomplicated in the meeting- I told them it would be my next blog, because I really do get to see firsthand the influence of our busy lives dictating todays household. The luxury in all this is more time to focus on what is really important- and that is today’s real luxury.

Floating Cabinets- Why a Floating Vanity may be Right for You!

When it comes to modern bathroom design, nothing is more eye-catching then a floating vanity. Floating cabinetry offers a modern minimalist design that will make a statement while adding some other benefits. floating vanity2 One advantage with floating vanities is that they make a great impact in a small space and can provide some opening of the space to make it feel more “airy”. The computer rendering to the right shows how an asymmetrical floating vanity can offer the additional counter space in a small bathroom without using a smaller cabinet for scale. These vanities are more than just a fashionable trend, if you are looking to put radiant floor heating in your bathroom- a traditional floor mounted cabinet will reduce the floor area and provide less heat output and a floating vanity can also make cleaning the bathroom a bit easier. Whether you want cabinetry for storage or as a statement for a vessel sink, picking a floating vanity will give your bathroom the style and function you want. We recently completed a bathroom remodel in Natick were this walnut vanity floats in a tiled alcove adding drama to the master bath without too much fuss- and that spa like feel is the soothing affect many people are looking for in the master suite. floating vanity 1-karp