Bath Tubs in the Master Suite

People often ask me if bath tubs are an important feature in the master bath today- this is a relevant question, and its one that I get asked very frequently. I know most folks would like a simple yes or no answer, but the truth is- it depends. Bath tubs conjure something in the senses, so in the right place, they have a soothing affect just by being present. You know the photo of the tub with the towel over the edge- how it seems to be calling you to take a break? The same thing happens when we see a window seat complete with cushion and throw pillow- but are we going to sit there? Probably not- but the feel of the environment changes. The space becomes more inviting and relaxing- it offers opportunity to stir other emotions as well, and if that is important to you, even if you rarely take baths, then I would recommend looking at a design with a tub in it. The reality is that we see fewer bath tubs in the master bath, and is the result of having less time available in our lives. The space once reserved for the tub is often used for a luxury shower because we know we have time to enjoy that.  I know this to be true because many of our clients have the means to install a tub,  but they just know they don’t have time to wait for it to fill, or they know that by the time the bath is ready they will hear “Mom?” . If you already take regular baths, then the question is answered and all you have to do is find the right one.

Inviting Bath in Wellesley MA

Inviting Bath in Wellesley MA

If you are still unsure about adding a tub in the space, there are a couple more things to consider that may help you with your decision.  If you don’t think you will use it often but believe it either makes sense for your neighborhood or your desired aesthetic- then get a nice soaker tub that isn’t too expensive… you don’t need the hydrotherapy. If you are an avid soaker, consider  a tub with a few features that are great to have, such as: a heated back rest, a water heater to keep the temperature up, and air jets- which are more sanitary, quitter, and often offer improved hydrotherapy than a jetted tub. BainUltra is one of my favorite brands for tubs.  The last thing to think about is the tub freestanding or built-in? There are so many options… below is one of the newer designs I saw at the Kitchen and Bath Show last week- it is not very expensive and would be stunning in a transitional or more modern bath, and retails under $2k.


Floating Cabinets- Why a Floating Vanity may be Right for You!

When it comes to modern bathroom design, nothing is more eye-catching then a floating vanity. Floating cabinetry offers a modern minimalist design that will make a statement while adding some other benefits. floating vanity2 One advantage with floating vanities is that they make a great impact in a small space and can provide some opening of the space to make it feel more “airy”. The computer rendering to the right shows how an asymmetrical floating vanity can offer the additional counter space in a small bathroom without using a smaller cabinet for scale. These vanities are more than just a fashionable trend, if you are looking to put radiant floor heating in your bathroom- a traditional floor mounted cabinet will reduce the floor area and provide less heat output and a floating vanity can also make cleaning the bathroom a bit easier. Whether you want cabinetry for storage or as a statement for a vessel sink, picking a floating vanity will give your bathroom the style and function you want. We recently completed a bathroom remodel in Natick were this walnut vanity floats in a tiled alcove adding drama to the master bath without too much fuss- and that spa like feel is the soothing affect many people are looking for in the master suite. floating vanity 1-karp