Planning for Success: Communication, Part 2

In Part 1 we discussed the benefits of a well-drawn plan and set of construction documents… Let’s call that your project road map. After the budget is complete, and the start date is set, there needs to be a meeting to go over everything one more time just before your project starts- we recommend a “Preconstruction Meeting” with the designer, the contractor/project manager and you. This is important because while you were seeking the right builder, you may have discussed different options or processes and it never hurts to revisit the project documents before breaking ground. In your preconstruction meeting- a suggested list of items for discussion and clarification would include things like; pets, family schedule, workers schedule, dumpster and portable toilet locations, storage of owners as well as construction items, selections and timing of products needed, emergency contact information as well as a thorough walk through of the project…. etc., etc.. One of the most important things to establish at the pre-construction meeting is when a regularly scheduled meeting will be held on site.

Weekly face to face meetings are the core of good project management and communication. Having this established keeps the production staff moving without interruption and allows you a chance to get the undivided attention of everyone involved. It is common throughout the project for questions to come up and this meeting will help is to reduce anxiety and to establish that work is moving forward as planned. The other key component to this is the invaluable tool of email today. Email is another communication vehicle, but there is a tremendous synergy with this form of communication and a face to face meeting. Email allows us to share documents, photos and we can get a great deal of business done between meetings….. However; the weekly meeting will be the place where you can put the entire package of information together and make sure everyone is on the same page. If you have a regularly scheduled meeting, you will always know when you can have answers or have the ability proactively ask questions in advance of the meeting so that both parties have time to get the information they need. A weekly meeting could include: reviewing the production schedule, getting information on what certain products are being used behind the walls, coordinating the finish products and fixtures, viewing visual information regarding cabinet or bath lay-out not to mention the joy of watching your home transition into the renovation you are having.

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