What’s on our bookshelves…that’s not collecting dust…


Prominent architectural features like bold arches with detailed casing and wall treatments meant to look like stone, but are beveled wood panels create interest throughout his spaces.

During one of our recent snowstorms one of our staff poured over a coffee table book published by Rizzoli back in 2014, One Man’s Folly: The Exceptional Houses of Furlow Gatewood and fell in love with a man, his design principals and his passion for architecture. The sentence that caught her eye was when he salvaged a door off a house that was poised for demolition and brought it back to his “yard” (because he is too down to earth to call it an estate) and told his master carpenter, “Do you think you could build me a house around this?”
When you have a reliable team that shares a vision dreams become reality. Furlow and his right-hand man carpenter do not build on fancy design software, they sketch on the back of napkins or wherever they happen to be. That works for them because the client is the designer.

Our design-build philosophy shares one most important thread; we bring the clients dreams, the designers acumen and the craftsman’s insight to a table of synergy. It is up to us to hear the nuance of your ideas for your new space and translate it to a design that meets those expectations. We love the Furlow Gatewoods of this world, we just use CAD instead.  

Designing pull out shelves and “paddles” secured under bookshelves in his built-ins allowed for lighting to be placed where it is needed.



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