Steam Shower Installation

What goes into a steam shower that sets it apart from a typical shower? There is more than meets the eye (literally), and a few things you want to make sure happen in the space for this mini-retreat to give you the lasting joy of raising your core temperature after a cold day or to de-stress in 15 minutes or less.

Behind the Scenes

Behind all that beautiful tile is the first important part, the substrate. Without a vapor proof under garment, steam showers and the pretty tile could prematurely fail. We love using the Schluter system because it creates a waterproof barrier and insulation. The ceiling in a steam shower needs to be pitched ever so slightly to allow most of the steam droplets to move away from the user. If this is a dedicated steam room, you will still benefit from adding a shower to assist in cleaning up, and it is also nice to add a bit of cool water for extended stays or to rinse before exiting. The glass enclosure will be full and if height allows, a transom top is added to allow for air flow post steam. If this is going in a basement with lower ceilings, additional ventilation and leaving the door ajar is suitable.

steam shower basement construction remodel the wiese company


steam shower at home gym basement remodel the wiese company



Cost Factors

The cost differences from a standard shower to a steam shower will vary by size and include: improved substrate and waterproofing, the cost of the steam generator and installation, additional tile work, the added ventilation and full glass enclosure not typical of a standard shower. (Approximately $4k more). To learn more about the construction of high-end shower installations you can can read more here.

master suite master bath steam shower remodel the wiese company  

Added features like a transom window allow for ventilation.

master suite master bath steam shower remodel the wiese company


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