Ride For Food Fundraising Countdown

Our Commitment
We have partnered with A Place to Turn for the last six years from renovating rooms in their Natick location that serves the local community to hosting food drives throughout the year. Before summer kicked-off we ran a clothing and food drive to ensure their shelves and racks were stocked. We are partnering with them for our fourth year joining their team in the 8th Annual Ride for Food on October 6 sponsored by Three Squares New England. Let’s make a difference together- join us in supporting this worthy cause.
Donate Now
So far, the Ride has raised $144K towards their goal of $600K this year. It’s an uphill climb, literally and figuratively to meet their goal so please us reach it!

 Alexandra Fiust Ride for Food The Wiese Company
 Ray Wiese Ride for Food The Wiese Company
The Facts
• Three Squares New England’s vision is to end hunger in Massachusetts, which affects 1 in 10 households, and 1 in 7 children.
• 45% of students statewide qualify for free or reduced meals.
• Our mission is to foster awareness of food insecurity and run community events that raise critical funds for hunger-relief organizations.

 Since Three Squares New England’s inception in 2012 they have focused on three primary goals:
  1. Fundraising – To date $2.1 Million has as been allocated to hunger relief through the The Ride for Food and The Ultimate Food Rescue Challenge. Every dollar raised makes an immediate and long-lasting impression on those struggling to put food on the table.
  2. Building a Community – Three Squares New England empowers learning, collaboration and action to reduce hunger locally.
  3. Raising Awareness – We address the issues of food insecurity and food waste and promote the amazing programs of our Food Partners.
Let’s make a difference together- join us in supporting this worthy cause.


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