A Master Suite Retreat

A Master Suite Retreat

The Home Stats – A luxury spec home built in rural Sherborn was originally designed in the 90’s with high ceilings and a large footprint for the master suite. 


This style of design was very popular and once sought after by homeowners at the time as feeling stately and airy. With the bath being approximately 285 square feet, the project required less attention on creating more space which is typically a remodeling ask from clients and more attention on the style and functionality.


The Clients’ needs – The homeowners worked with The Wiese Company on their kitchen and first floor powder room remodel a few years prior to this project; having them as repeat clients made the collaboration of ideas a bit easier, despite the size of the renovation and possibilities of design. We already understood some of the lifestyle needs with the family and the reality that the master suite needed to be restful, even if the kids now use their parents’ shower more often than their own! We also understood the need for a level of comfort in the design that the couple wished to impart on this project before rushing into an idea for a space that felt a little uninspired. The musts included a steam shower, freestanding tub, storage for linen, and of course – vanities (and a design) that worked with these beautifully crafted mirrors. One bonus that wasn’t on the must have list, but was able to be included, was a walk-in closet for him as part of reducing the bath’s footprint.


The Challenges & Approach –  In our last newsletter we highlighted a master suite addition in Newton that allowed us to capitalize building from the ground up. In this Sherborn home renovation, we had plenty of square footage to work with, but had to reimagine the space to truly give a feeling of entering a private getaway. We knew that by creating more substantial elements in the room like a larger shower and vanities we would already help ground the space and fill the available real estate.


The Solution – We first sought ways to reduce the size of the space. After schemes that included additional cabinetry and a larger shower, the Owners gravitated to incorporating a second closet to the master suite. This allowed us to provide a spacious, but not supersized bath with a reduced footprint. One of our designers came up with 3 elements that resulted in the synergy of scale, color and materials. First, the dormer that held the tub was redesigned so it would feel more like a separate and purposeful space. Second, the shower was given an exterior cladding of tiles that strengthened its presence and celebrated the ceiling height. The final element was the wainscot border which tied everything together again helping to ground the space and add architectural importance.


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