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  • 05/28/2021 - Ray Wiese 0 Comments
    The New Natural

    White is king in kitchens and throughout the house, but there is a trend towards lighter natural woods. Each with varying degrees of light stains for flooring, furniture and cabinetry. It is a movement that brings the outdoors in and creates a connection with nature. Being forced inside for months may be a contributor to this trend!

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  • 05/17/2021 - Ray Wiese 0 Comments
    The Wiese Company Team- Getting to Know Us

    Dan Shaw; Construction Manager …. great guy. We like to think of our team and our clients as part of our extended family. When you go to work, and when you are getting work done, those are long term time commitments that require trust, understanding and teamwork.


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  • 05/08/2021 - Ray Wiese 0 Comments
    Pandemic Impacts on Construction

    A year ago I was having many conversations with vendors and sub-contractors about whether we would see a pent-up demand for remodeling. We missed more than a full quarter of new business intake during the spring of 2020 (typically our busiest season for incoming work).  Well, there is no more guessing about demand… 

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  • 05/05/2021 - Ray Wiese 0 Comments
    Slate Floor Removal

    In renovation you see design that came before and with each floor board you pull or wall you tear down you learn something new. In this case it was no surprise what we found, it is worth commenting on for the homeowners who ready themselves for material removal during a renovation.

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  • 03/31/2021 - Ray Wiese 0 Comments
    The Tale of Three Foundations

    You can think of it as a modern graphic novel…. or just a chance to be a foundation voyeur. We typically don’t have three different foundations happening at once, but right now we have three different projects with three different foundations each for a unique need.  

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  • 03/27/2021 - Ray Wiese 0 Comments
    What’s Behind the Walls?

    A common comment we hear when discussing the project cost and budget is, “well of course you don’t know what’s behind the walls." I think this must be a common phrase used by some contractors to hedge. For the most part, that should be untrue for any experienced builder.

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  • 03/19/2021 - Ray Wiese 0 Comments
    What's Your Hot Button?

    There are options when renovating bathrooms that can be must have for some and “no thank you” for others. While some trends have had staying power, everyone has their preference no matter how strong the popular opinion is. Here is a list of items that can get a reaction- what’s your hot button?

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  • 12/29/2020 - Ray Wiese 0 Comments
    Remodeling’s Crystal Ball

    Planning for now… and the future. If you have had a few challenges with your home life over the last 3/4 of 2020, you have either made some changes that need to be re-tweaked or have been trying to resolve something in an environment...

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  • 11/17/2020 - Ray Wiese 0 Comments
    Built-ins Make it All Better

    You know a well-designed and constructed kitchen by the details; counters that complement the overall decor, cabinets tailored to fit the space and create the interior architecture, all while creating an efficient use of space that takes advantage of the room’s set of unique parameters. 

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  • 10/24/2020 - Ray Wiese 0 Comments
    "Sparking Joy" in the Your Home

    Marie Kondo, is the home consultant who believes the art of “less is more”, getting organized, but above all determining if something sparks joy in your life or not.

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  • 10/10/2020 - Ray Wiesef 0 Comments
    Soundproofing Your Home

    “Pass the sound canceling headphones, please”…While we have addressed the noise level in homes for some time; it is probably something more “top of mind” for many of us who have less alone time at home right now.

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  • 10/01/2020 - Ray Wiese 0 Comments
    The Great Outdoors

    We design for the whole house, not just one side or one angle becuase it is the sum of its parts that makes the house, your home.

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  • 09/26/2020 - Ray Wiese 0 Comments
    Stairs That Connect

    Stairs can make many design statements in a home. Think of all the different movie scenes that have a bride slowly descending, or a parent looking to the front door from the upper landing; and all the different drama that a set of stairs can add to the environment. 

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  • 08/13/2020 - Ray Wiese 0 Comments
    Which Window Brands Wow Us

    The saying, “they don’t make them like they used to,” is well applied to many lower cost window options. Unfortunately, many homeowners will replace the windows in their home if they are planning on a long-term stay.

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  • 07/25/2020 - Ray Wiese 0 Comments
    Screened Porch Possibilities

    We love a good screened porch because it offers shelter from the elements like the summer sun and an evening getaway from the mosquitos.

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  • 06/25/2020 - Ray Wiese 0 Comments
    Your Ideas Keep Things Exciting

    Customizing for each client is what makes the process of design so personal in each project we do...

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  • 05/29/2020 - Ray Wiese 0 Comments
    What is Your Home Need?

    One of the most used clichés of all time was quoined by the Greek philosopher, Plato. “Necessity is the mother of invention.”

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  • 04/21/2020 - Ray Wiese 0 Comments

    WFH (Working From Home)- an acronym that took a while to figure out when it came on the scene almost a month ago.

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  • 04/03/2020 - Ray Wiese 0 Comments
    Here When You Need Us, Since 1992

    Weathering the storm has as much to do with our passion for building as it does with how we run our business and take care of our people.

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  • 03/18/2020 - Ray Wiese 0 Comments
    The World Changes and Business Changes with It

    The world will change – and sometimes make a hard turn without notice, and as a business the one thing that we can do is be consistent with our care for others.

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  • 03/03/2020 - Ray Wiese 0 Comments
    Project Spotlight: A Fresh Take on Living

    Sometimes remodeling is a puzzle of swapping spaces and moving one thing to make another thing fit- it is the challenge and the science of making rooms work.

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  • 02/28/2020 - Ray Wiese 0 Comments
    Customer Service is Our Business

    Customer service is our business. I often ask new hires what kind of business we are in, and the answer is usually; “Remodeling, Renovation, Construction” …and my answer is always- “we are in the customer service business.”

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  • 02/03/2020 - Ray Wiese 0 Comments

    I’ll never forget working on one of my earlier addition projects in the 90’s; back when I was the GM, designer, project lead, carpenter’s helper and chief trash picker upper.

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  • What About Grout?
    01/30/2020 0 Comments
    What About Grout?

    Grout may not seem like something you should spend a lot of time on during a kitchen or bath renovation when there are so many other choices to make, but...

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  • What Does Custom Mean Anymore?
    01/24/2020 - Ray Wiese 0 Comments
    What Does Custom Mean Anymore?

    “Custom” has become a bit of a cliché. Everything from chopped motorcycles to outdoor bar-b-q’s have their own television show and a following for people...

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  • Being Handy is Dandy
    01/15/2020 - Ray Wiese 0 Comments
    Being Handy is Dandy

    Being handy is dandy…but let’s face it, many of us were not brought up on the farm where we helped fix the tractor when it broke.

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  • Pinterest-Perfect!
    01/09/2020 - Ray Wiese 0 Comments

    With the advent of the internet we have adapted to a culture of information overload. Gone are the days of magazine clippings pinned up for inspiration.

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  • A Plan to Renovate in 2020
    01/03/2020 - Ray Wiese 0 Comments
    A Plan to Renovate in 2020

    With the start of every new year, many of us set our intentions and start planning how we will stay on track with our goals in the coming year.

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  • Fireplace Mantle Makeovers
    12/16/2019 - Ray Wiese 0 Comments
    Fireplace Mantle Makeovers

    It’s the time of year when holiday decorating around the home starts with Thanksgiving… and comes full circle to a New Year… with a mix of religious celebrations in between. This is when the fireplace mantle takes center stage. It is where the warmth from the fire glows below and above provides just the right amount of space for a holiday focal point without disturbing the rest of your everyday life.


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  • Keeping Your Family Safe- Smoke & CO2 Detection
    12/16/2019 - Ray Wiese 0 Comments
    Keeping Your Family Safe- Smoke & CO2 Detection

    What’s the cost for peace of mind?…Priceless. 


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  • Trade Know-How
    12/16/2019 - Ray Wiese 0 Comments
    Trade Know-How

    Halloween is over, but we can still share some Tricks or Treats…of the trade.

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  • Open-Concept Kitchen Welcomes Everyone In…and Through
    11/19/2019 - Ray Wiese 0 Comments
    Open-Concept Kitchen Welcomes Everyone In…and Through

    Home Stats: A traditional center-entry colonial that has been updated for casual family living in phase one when the Owners created a unified dining/living environment. 


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  • Who’s Knocking at Your Door
    11/19/2019 - Ray Wiese 0 Comments
    Who’s Knocking at Your Door

    Ready or not, here they come! As the sun starts setting earlier and we are enjoying the flavors of fall there are a few things to check in on before the celebrations of fall and winter begin. 


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  • Floored!
    11/19/2019 - Ray Wiese 0 Comments

    Wood flooring isn’t something that changes as often as other trends, probably because new drapes and wall paper are a lot easier logistically than packing up the house to refinish or install new flooring. 


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  • Designing with a “Plan” Matters
    11/19/2019 - Ray Wiese 0 Comments
    Designing with a “Plan” Matters

    In the early 90’s; family rooms were the new “it” thing. The idea of a place you could put your feet up and furnish casually spurred a lot of interest. Unfortunately, it didn’t give much thought to how this new space would co-relate with the rest of the home; leaving living rooms to become seldom used. 


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  • Back to School
    11/19/2019 - Ray Wiese 0 Comments
    Back to School

    Back to school, and the relaxed summer season coming to an end brings us back to all the things that happen in “normal life”. 


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  • Top-Ranked Remodeler
    11/19/2019 - Ray Wiese 0 Comments
    Top-Ranked Remodeler

    Twenty-seven years in business with the same owner, and long-term team members means standards remain constant. Since 2005, The Wiese Company has been proud to be recognized by Qualified Remodeler on list of the Top 500 Largest Remodelers.


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  • Choosing the Right Cabinets
    11/19/2019 - Ray Wiese 0 Comments
    Choosing the Right Cabinets

    During home renovations, the choices can seem…and sometimes are…endless. Most of the selection time in a project is around the cabinets, and that is because of so many options and utility in addition to paint color. 


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  • Project Spotlight: A Wellesley Whole Home Remodel
    11/19/2019 - Ray Wiese 0 Comments
    Project Spotlight: A Wellesley Whole Home Remodel

    The Home Stats – A traditional colonial built for comfortable family living had well-proportioned rooms except for the kitchen that was too small for larger family gatherings and today’s casual lifestyle. 


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  • Custom Bath and Kitchens
    11/19/2019 - Ray Wiese 0 Comments
    Custom Bath and Kitchens

    When you are going through the renovation process in your home, it’s worth thinking about the details and creative, custom design solutions that can be included to meet your needs. 


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  • Showplace Cabinets KCMA Certified
    11/19/2019 - Ray Wiese 0 Comments
    Showplace Cabinets KCMA Certified

    How solid are the kitchen cabinets we outfit your homes with? The short answer: certified solid. When you renovate your kitchen, baths or other rooms of your home you want to be certain that your replacements are better than what came before. Today, you can’t always be sure this is true as some things were made better 70 years ago when production was slower and many things were made by hand.


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  • Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year 2019
    11/19/2019 - Ray Wiese 0 Comments
    Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year 2019

    IN THE NEWS: Metropolitan AF-690- Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year 2019 is announced and it is a surprise to us all. We aren’t sure what is more of a shock- the staying power of gray or the complete departure from last year’s pick, Caliente, a fiery warm red. 


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  • Open Floor Plan Kitchen
    11/19/2019 - Ray Wiese 0 Comments
    Open Floor Plan Kitchen

    Open floor plan for a modern family lifestyle, ample room for casual family dining with a view to the backyard and easy access to the adjacent screened porch. Consideration for the client’s desired appliances which included a pro-style range, large refrigeration and double ovens. And at the center of it all a large kitchen island for all things living, working and entertaining!


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