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  • 03/31/2021 - Ray Wiese 0 Comments
    The Tale of Three Foundations

    You can think of it as a modern graphic novel…. or just a chance to be a foundation voyeur. We typically don’t have three different foundations happening at once, but right now we have three different projects with three different foundations each for a unique need.  

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  • 03/04/2021 - Ray Wiese 0 Comments
    Design & Sight Lines

    Good architectural design is about more than making a room function as desired; it takes into account all of the intangibles like how it feels to be in the space, and how the space connects to the remainder of the other interior spaces as well as the exterior.

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  • 11/17/2020 - Ray Wiese 0 Comments
    Built-ins Make it All Better

    You know a well-designed and constructed kitchen by the details; counters that complement the overall decor, cabinets tailored to fit the space and create the interior architecture, all while creating an efficient use of space that takes advantage of the room’s set of unique parameters. 

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  • 10/01/2020 - Ray Wiese 0 Comments
    The Great Outdoors

    We design for the whole house, not just one side or one angle becuase it is the sum of its parts that makes the house, your home.

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  • 09/26/2020 - Ray Wiese 0 Comments
    Stairs That Connect

    Stairs can make many design statements in a home. Think of all the different movie scenes that have a bride slowly descending, or a parent looking to the front door from the upper landing; and all the different drama that a set of stairs can add to the environment. 

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  • What Does Custom Mean Anymore?
    01/24/2020 - Ray Wiese 0 Comments
    What Does Custom Mean Anymore?

    “Custom” has become a bit of a cliché. Everything from chopped motorcycles to outdoor bar-b-q’s have their own television show and a following for people...

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  • Trade Know-How
    12/16/2019 - Ray Wiese 0 Comments
    Trade Know-How

    Halloween is over, but we can still share some Tricks or Treats…of the trade.

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  • Who’s Knocking at Your Door
    11/19/2019 - Ray Wiese 0 Comments
    Who’s Knocking at Your Door

    Ready or not, here they come! As the sun starts setting earlier and we are enjoying the flavors of fall there are a few things to check in on before the celebrations of fall and winter begin. 


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  • The Witch Window
    11/19/2019 - Ray Wiese 0 Comments
    The Witch Window

    Online real estate browsing is a modern-day hobby; and given today’s ease of scrolling through endless pictures of home’s interiors and exteriors we find inspiration, but sometimes images that leave you wondering- what? why?


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  • Summer Sojourn, Stonington CT
    11/19/2019 - Ray Wiese 0 Comments
    Summer Sojourn, Stonington CT

    Architectural influencers for New England can be easiest to spot in some of the earliest settlements; including the small costal town of Stonington, CT. 


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  • Cape Addition
    11/19/2019 - Ray Wiese 0 Comments
    Cape Addition

    A quintessential part of the New England architectural landscape is the Cape Cod house. Born by Puritan colonists in the 17th century for its simplicity as a shelter, it has become an iconic part of our New England surroundings. Today’s lifestyle means that many capes you see will have additions, dormers and blends of complimentary local architecture to meet the modern need.


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  • The New Traditional
    11/19/2019 - Ray Wiese 0 Comments
    The New Traditional

    “The new traditional” is a concept that we find ourselves debating as designers… well, Ray was actually trying to define the trend of how minimalism found a place during the great recession; after the use of “transitional” became cliché for the modern/traditional fusion in design. 


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  • 11/19/2019 - Ray Wiese 0 Comments
    Inviting Formal Dining Rooms

    As holiday season approaches, our thoughts turn inside where the idea of entertaining friends and family suddenly becomes: Can I seat everyone? Is the kitchen going to accommodate both cooking and mingling? How can I keep it formal, but mix it with the casual entertaining space?


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