A Plan to Renovate in 2020

A Plan to Renovate in 2020

With the start of every new year, many of us set our intentions and start planning how we will stay on track with our goals in the coming year.

In January of 2019, our team sat down to make a commitment in order to ensure the future health of the business and make a pledge to the community that we would improve our appearance. We collectively recognized it was time for a much-needed exterior renovation of our building and an updated look for our logo and website. We accomplished both with one project taking longer than expected because we were so busy taking care of our clients, and the timelines we promised them.

As we welcome 2020, I put together a list of projects we often do to help potential clients with their planning in the new year. Below is a list of the average time for design in the renovation planning phase and the average time for the construction phase in case renovations are part of your resolutions. While these are generalized timeframes, it can certainly give you a sense of how to make your renovation as easy on your lives as possible with the proper planning.


Project                                                                 Design Time                                        Construction Time

Kitchen Renovation (Minor)                        2-5 Weeks                                          3-5 Weeks

Kitchen Renovation (Major)                        4-8 Weeks                                          8-12 weeks

Kitchen Renovation (With Addition)         6-10 weeks                                         12-18 Weeks

Bath Renovation (Minor)                              2-4 weeks                                           4-6 Weeks

Bath Renovation (Major)                              5-9 Weeks                                          10-14 Weeks


The design time table is largely driven by you, the client. When you are making plans try to think about the available time you have to devote to selections of products and materials, and how quickly decisions can be made comfortably. TIP: Don’t rush the design stage! Every project is different and if you own a Design/Build company, the typical 8-week exterior make-over may take as long as 8-9 months… like the cobbler’s shoes.



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