A Trip to The Brimfield Antiques Show

For over the last 60 years, The Brimfield Antiques Show hosts 3 summer time shows in close by Brimfield, MA. The show boasts over 500 vendors and offers something for everyone; from treasured antiques to refinished projects and everything in-between. 


Visitors have the chance to bring home some very unique and one of kind pieces. The first of three shows was held May 13-18. Our designers Lisa and Alexandra made the trek to Brimfield to spend a day exploring what the show had to offer. They visited with numerous vendors and found some really interesting pieces. They both highly recommend the trip if you’re looking for something out of the box or trying to find décor to match the age of your home. Alexandra purchased an old tool box to refinish and re-purpose for her jewelry making tools. We can’t wait to see what she does with it!


Don’t miss the show next time it rolls around, two more show are being held July 8- 13, and September 2-7. For more information please visit We’d love to incorporate your finds into a future project! Take a look below at Lisa’s and Alexandra’s visit!


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