Apron Front Sinks- Not just for the Farm

Also known as farm house sinks, the apron front sink has changed in many ways, and it is no longer just for old-world or country style kitchens. Today’s farm house sinks are made with more durable finishes such as stainless steel, and fireclay. Both Stainless and fireclay do not have the staining or weight problems associated with porcelain glazed and enameled cast iron sinks.


There are many advantages to using this style of sink- so let’s start with the obvious, they look great! In the kitchen, there are few tried and true focal points; one is the combination of sink and window. The look of an apron front sink can give you a great wow factor, so if you aren’t sure your cook top or range are giving you enough pop, this would be a great solution!


Another less considered benefit is that the front of a sink cabinet is often the first place water damage will appear after wear and tear on the cabinets. Even the best finishes are subject to problems when you add wood and water, thus an apron front sink can be a great barrier. Are you doing a modern or transitional style? Not to worry, this large and deep basined sink also works well in contemporary style kitchens as you can see in the photos below. The last big advantage to this style of sink is that it’s ergonomic, putting you closer to the sink as you use it which will reduce the reach and bending. This is a big benefit for cooks with back problems, and an improvement for everyone. Apron sinks won’t have anyone fighting for cleanup duty in the kitchen, but they can add grace, charm and a few other benefits.   


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