Architectural Transitioning: Part Two

The second element of Architectural transitioning between the built and natural environment is what lies between the exterior wall and the natural items. When you step outside you have a landing point. An example of this mental transition compares to a weary road trip, when you stop to stretch your legs- after disembarking the car, we tend to spend a moment to feel the blood rush back into our legs, and take in the surroundings.


This same feeling, even when done very briefly is an important transition that allows us to feel the change of space without abruptness and to have a context. Compare it to sitting down with your significant other to enjoy a glass of wine after a long difficult week and that initial moment you realize the time is yours. Feeling the change of environment can be an instant relief. Having the ability to bring those elements into your home is as therapeutic as it is functional. This transition is best accomplished with a patio, a deck or a walkway depending on the location of the transition- seeing this landing from the inside provides a sense of transition rather than not having a small safe zone before our feet hit the grass, and a place that allows us to transition back in if we need to set down a box to open the door, or simply wipe our feet.


Lastly, Is the transition on the outside that compliments the architecture. Picture yourself standing outside on your lawn facing the home. If the grass simply went to the door, a few concerns would come to my mind. You would have no place to rest and enjoy the space if the grass is wet. Also the home and the lawn may look like they collided with no rhyme or reason, and there would be no gradual step in height to soften the architecture. This is why shrubs on the perimeter offer a soft landing for the natural environment, and a covered entry provides relieve to a large blank wall that may rise 2 or more stories. The use of a trellis, portico, table and umbrella all will offer some form of scaled architectural transition. Whatever your needs may be, if you take the indoors and outdoors into consideration when you are working on either side. The finished product will create an environment that you can enjoy no matter what season it is or what side you are on.


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