Back to School

Back to School

Back to school, and the relaxed summer season coming to an end brings us back to all the things that happen in “normal life”. 


The fall season leading into holiday celebrations is on the way with cooler temps for returning inside. These are many reasons people begin to rethink their home’s livability and start thinking home improvement. Casual, ergonomic and lifestyle improvements are what our clients start to think about after school starts… without skimping on style.


The kitchen is the starting point for many renovations because it is the central hub of the house. While we believe that every kitchen we deliver meets the perfect aesthetic of the client, the things that seem to be most significant to people are the blending of the lifestyle needs and wants; with that aesthetic.  


In a recent Dover renovation, three stools would have been “OK”, but four stools was just right. Eliminating a cabinet in the face of the fourth occupant created a chance to avoid an abrupt end to the upper cabinets and have some fun with a chalk board… which can show support for the local team… or to highight the week’s family commitments. Because this client was living with an old electric cook top, this new induction top probably made one of the biggest improvements when it comes to one of the kitchens most important functions- before and after school meal prep! More photos of this fun space to follow.


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