Built-ins Make it All Better

You know a well-designed and constructed kitchen by the details; counters that complement the overall decor, cabinets tailored to fit the space and create the interior architecture, all while creating an efficient use of space that takes advantage of the room’s set of unique parameters. 


Built-ins (built in place cabinetry) are the millwork that offer: organization in the mudroom, a place for family photos in living spaces, and provide that next level of use of space that a piece of furniture cannot accomplish.
Similar to kitchen cabinets, built-ins are a tool to help keep the busiest lifestyles a bit more organized. Designed with the owner’s needs in mind and reflecting the overall aesthetic they should fit the room like a glove, taking advantage of the available space to add valuable storage and display areas. With all of the options for creating your custom environment, you may want to consider adding built-ins to a space when remodeling.
Our designers and carpenters have created many different built-ins, mudrooms being the most popular. Other projects help create a warm library, a special nook, shelves for family photos while hiding the not so beautiful kids’ cardboard game boxes in cabinets below. In the home office they can make you feel like you’ve just arrived at “the office”, even if your commute has been cut to 30 seconds.
Often when visiting a potential client’s home, the homeowner talks about their collection of things that need to be put stored for easy access or put out to enjoy. With good design utilizing all the tricks of space utilization it is possible to create something amazing out of negative space! Make built-in’s a part of your next remodeling project while you have the right people on the job!


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