Ceilings–Your Fifth Wall

Ceilings–Your Fifth Wall

Ceilings are often overlooked simply to be coated with a layer of flat white paint. But by adding something of visual interest to the ceiling, you can create a focal point to draw the eyes up and even make the room appear larger.


If you’re looking to do something more architectural, you can opt for a vault, beams, or coffers depending on the style of your home. When designed properly, coffers can add a high-level of detail and craftsmanship for variety of rooms in your home. Don’t have the ceiling height? An applied molding is a good way to achieve a similar look.


Wallpapering a ceiling creates a bold impression and helps to add a pattern in an otherwise plain room. For the less adventurous, a standard paint color applied to the ceiling may do the trick (and it doesn’t hurt that it can be easily changed). So next time you remodel or decorate a room, don’t forget about your fifth wall!


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