Chandeliers, Not Just a Dining Room Fixture

Chandeliers, Not Just a Dining Room Fixture

The most obvious and traditional place for a chandelier is the dining room. With the wide selection of styles, sizes and finishes available, chandeliers can be complimentary to almost any room in the home.  But take care about how many chandeliers you feature in your home. 


Over-sized, miss-matched or awkwardly placed fixtures can easily overshadow the desired look and feel of your home. Above an island, achandelier makes a good alternative to pendant lights and gives a nice bold statement.  However, you’d have to have pretty high ceilings in the kitchen to accommodate this look.  Private areas of the home such as a bedroom or a bathroom allow a good opportunity to introduce some glamour and sparkle by way of a chandelier. Petite chandeliers are great for areas like a powder room, kid’s room, hallway or even a closet.  They add a great punch of personality to these often overlooked rooms.  No matter the room or décor, there is sure to be a chandelier that will work.


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