Choosing the Right Cabinets

Choosing the Right Cabinets

During home renovations, the choices can seem…and sometimes are…endless. Most of the selection time in a project is around the cabinets, and that is because of so many options and utility in addition to paint color. 


While we can be influenced by current trends, it is important to take the time choosing the right cabinets that will bring real value to your everyday living. Aesthtically, there is the other component of tailoring the look and making the right statement. A quick list of things to consider from a storage point of view; make a quick inventory of cookware and utensils, serving and dining pieces, food storage needs and any category you encounter going through your kitchen. Working with someone who does this for a living will also help with key ergonomic pieces while balancing the aesthetic.


In a recent visit to a previous kitchen renovation, the homeowner had opted for a mix of glass front cabinets. She had a great way of placing things and clearly enjoyed keeping everything “tidy”, but what about those of you who want to shut the mess behind a door. While making it look great, keep the “form and function” working in unison. We like the two cabinet makers we work with because they provide options from well above par to amazing. Plato Woodwork, our premier cabinet manufacturer is the country’s oldest cabinet maker. If fully custom pieces are important and you want the very best- you can have cabinets of the highest quality. We like to have our clients experience the feel of the finish and the difference in some of the options with our other cabinet maker, Showplace, a terrific employee-owned and American made product. Looking at different brands will give you a the information you need to decide what features are must haves…. for us it is a quality of construction first, and both cabinet lines will deliver a long useful life. Just today we were looking at some great inspiration photos for a future project and we saw some unique ways to create a solid prep space, but also discussed other less critical, butstill important ideas like a really nice built-in paper towel holder. Bring your Pinterest board to your design meeting and that will help talk through the practical and whimsical so you can get the balance you desire.  


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