Color Associations

Color affects our moods, whether it is in our living and working environment or in the clothing we wear.  We feel energized and uplifted by some colors, calmed and quieted by others. 

The intensity of a color as well as its tint or shade can also affects its influence. For example, while orange is very energizing, peach is more soothing. Below are colors and some of their associations:

  • Red -Stimulates the appetite, raises blood pressure, attracts attention, creates excitement and takes control. It is forceful, bold, extreme, aggressive, impulsive, energetic. Red suggests physical strength, rejuvenation, self-confidence, love, passion, sensuousness, danger, courage, vitality. It is the first color the eye sees upon awakening.
  • Orange -Is friendly, cheerful, happy, associated with thirst and refreshment, an energy color, associated with movement. It creates a sense of order and equality without power and control. Orange is an antidepressant, conferring respiratory & intestinal health. It is bold, decreases hostility and irritability, with a social, gregarious, active, jovial, fickle, and extroverted side.
  • Yellow -Stimulates memory, mental clarity, with uplifting feelings of optimism, warmth, cheerfulness, wisdom, and brightness. It aids digestion, scirculation, but signals frustration, caution. Yellow is the most difficult colofor the eye to process and see.
  • Green -Confers a sense of relaxation and comfort, represents health and prosperity, and refreshes the spirit. It is the most well-liked color and the easiest color for the eye to see. It suggests balance, harmony, replenishment, heart health, growth, birth, envy, inexperience, wealth, refreshment, compassion, rejuvenation, balance, moderation, concentration, security.
  • Blue -Is non-threatening, and is a symbol of trust and longevity. It is refreshing, soothing, calm, dependable, anti-inflammatory, an insomnia and headache relief. It slows metabolism, lowers blood pressure, decreases heartburn and indigestion, and is associated with travel and leisure, authority and strength. Blue is the most popular color in the U.S.
  • Purple – Contains elements of surprise and magic. It is philosophical, and represents royalty. It suggests romance, imagination, passion. It  suppresses appetite, and fosters love, wisdom, reverence, inspiration, spirituality, an enlightened feeling, and quietness. Purple eases the mind and overactive glands, conveying elegance and artistic creativity.
  • Black -Suggests sophistication, elegance, dignity, power, worldliness, aloofness, intimidation, and mystery.
    White -Indicates purity, innocence, cleanliness, youth, naiveté.
  • Gray -Lacks assertiveness, but suggests intelligence, guarded behavior, a sense of discipline.
  • Brown -Conveys warmth and comfort, solidarity, positive food associations (from the orange family), and evokes less intense behavioral responses.

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