Color Trends That Are Red Hot

New Englanders are fairly conservative with color. To see a welcoming yellow, warm red or inviting blue front door is a stand out when driving down the road. We have noticed that many clients are working more color into their homes (except for those of you who couldn’t… and you know who you are). Below is a Sherborn exterior home remodel that balances the bold use of siding elements with a bold red door that welcomes you in.


Color is one thing everyone can make an immediate opinion on, either you have your favorites, your aversions or your maybes. Some colors are best kept for your nails or ski jacket, but based on some new trends, it might be time to add some color to your home. In January, we reported on Pantone’s color of the year Ultra Violet and now we give you Benjamin Moore’s pick- Caliente, a red, hot infusion of color like a jalapeno pepper’s spice, below used as a nod to Americana.


In 2013 the still popular gray and greige tones were flooding kitchens and bath, yet Benjamin Moore’s pick for the color of the year was Lemon Sorbet; read more about past color trends. Five years later the pendulum has swung towards bold, warm colors. Unlike Ultra Violet, Benjamin Moore’s Caliente could find its way into some part of your home if you are confident enough to call it your own. The recent TWA Restoration Project at JFK with its primary red carpets and curvaceous upholstered seating are a great example of how these trends start. You can read Architectural Digest’s interview with the key color influencer here.


In researching the color trends for 2018 we learned that the Paint Quality Institute, a 30-year old institution providing a trusted resource for paint trends had “hung up its paintbrush” so to speak. Their reason they gave was simple, “the media landscape has changed dramatically. Consumers today have a wealth of information and inspiration from which to choose, accessible from anywhere at any time”. It’s true we as consumers can gather ideas and inspiration from around the world with the touch of a button. We dare you to be bold, be different and be inspired to add a touch of color to your next home renovation project. 


This Dover indoor/outdoor bar certainly shows character with its tangerine interior door and contrasting indigo walls to brighten up cold winter days and imbue a feeling of celebration in summer when the windows are open.To learn more about color check out our post on color associations which might help steer you in the right direction. 


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