Custom Bath and Kitchens

Custom Bath and Kitchens

When you are going through the renovation process in your home, it’s worth thinking about the details and creative, custom design solutions that can be included to meet your needs. 


Sometimes you need to think different and that’s where we can help as designers. Some are ergonomic (are you short or tall?), some are solution centric (short on storage, or specific interests) and some are just plain fun or satisfy our desire to be organized and prepared.


If you are a baker, you know there is nothing more cumbersome to move around the kitchen than an electric stand mixer. The most common solution is to ensure a “baking space” in your kitchen that highlights your stand-mixer’s home on the counter. If you are an anti-counter clutter, clean counter person, than an easy to use hidden solution may be right for you. With the use of a simple hydraulic lift your mixer can be stored under the counter and easily raised to counter height within seconds.


If you would you use table linens more if they were neatly pressed and easily accessible, there may be a creative storage solution making these items more accessible and efficient. There are two places for keeping table linens at the ready. Use a pull-out rack (originally intended for pant storage in closets) that can double as your linens’ depository, and place them either in the pantry or kitchen.


Would your daily routine be easier if your hair dryer or curling iron was always plugged-in and ready for the morning? A concealed receptacle for them or even your electric toothbrush can be part of your bathroom design plan. The only thing you need to spend time on is coming up with the list of ways we can make your home life better and we can take care of the rest.


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