Custom Millwork Can Make Your Home work for You

Custom Millwork Can Make Your Home work for You

“Millwork”, sure it is crown molding and wainscoting. It is also cabinetry, bookshelves, mantles, and mudroom cubbies. 


Customizing is an opportunity to make your home your very own. With the thoughtful use of custom millwork, you can create customized focal points, handy storage or a specialized work-space that integrates into your environment to make something more special, aesthetic, or functional from your space. Pictured at left is a common issue for today’s flat panel TV. Folks who do not want to make the TV a focal point will love this idea spawned by a Wellesley client’s seemingly conflicting desires: have the TV centrally located in the room and do not have the TV be the central “art piece” dominating the room.


We took careful measurements, reviewed the AV requirements and installed a separate conduit for future wiring.

Then we put the plans in the skilled hands of one of our Lead Carpenters, Steve MacDonald. The result is a convenient location for a TV that is only in sight when it is in use.


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