Design Trends

Design Trends

Trends in design range from clothing colors to green buildings; it’s all the things we see every day. Remember the florescent colors that started with ski wear and found their way to every other piece of clothing?

Like clothing, trends in home design that lose their appeal are usually color related. The trends for a home’s floor plan are long lasting and born from a slow evolution of the way we live. In the late 19th century, stately homes had only one family bath- why? In a nutshell; it was a drastic technology improvement of indoor plumbing from heating water over a fire for a weekly bath and an outhouse. Our computers did not get us any closer to a 30 hour work week; our lives are more hectic than ever. You can see this in how we use our rooms, or what type of rooms are the most important. Now the kitchen acts as a living space and allows a family to take advantage of their time together. Even the most modest new homes have 2 ½ baths to accommodate everyone getting ready at the same time. These days, a mudroom is more of an epicenter, the “Grand Central Station” of our home “Hurry! We have to get to Soccer, field hockey…” and “please put your shoes on, we have to go!” The mudroom is where we keep the library books, the outgoing mail and if there is enough room, a second powder room so we don’t have to take off winter wear and trek across the house. We’ve come a long way from one bathroom is good enough. The most important trend to consider when remodeling your home  is yours…. “how will I make this work for me, my family and where we are going.”


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