Endless Summer...Endless Possibilities

With the change of seasons upon us, we find the need to become creative in prolonging our time in the outdoors and sometimes that is best met with the comforts of the indoors.  

As the change of season approaches, we often want to hold on to enjoying the outside for as long as we can.  Whether it is a morning cup of coffee in the fresh air or a relaxing glass of wine in the evening, connecting to the outdoors remains paramount to New Englanders as the seasons change.  Our warm weather seasons can be short so we need to maximize the moments.  One of the best ways to capture that endless summer feeling is creating a space that gives us light and fresh air all while providing the comforts of the indoors.  The screened in porch has become the ideal way to get these best of both worlds’ feelings.  Screen panels that can be swapped out with glass in the colder months, outdoor heaters, Sunbrella furniture and indoor/outdoor rugs are just a few ways that have enhanced this experience.  Bringing the outside in has become increasingly popular in the past year…a better way to entertain with peace of mind.  Consider all your options to maximize your space and connection to nature.


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