Fireplace Mantle Makeovers

Fireplace Mantle Makeovers

It’s the time of year when holiday decorating around the home starts with Thanksgiving… and comes full circle to a New Year… with a mix of religious celebrations in between. This is when the fireplace mantle takes center stage. It is where the warmth from the fire glows below and above provides just the right amount of space for a holiday focal point without disturbing the rest of your everyday life.


Not everyone is in love with their existing fireplace and we often find this make-over become part of the initial renovation scope or one of those “while you’re at it” items. Sometimes its just a new marble surround instead of the existing brick and sometimes it is a full make-over.


An ad-on refacing can cost $1,500 to $10,000 in our neck of the woods depending on factors from; how much new carpentry, is it just marble and paint and is it a stand-alone renovation or are there economies to bundling this with a kitchen project. There are plenty of options and a chance to have a unique design perspective that will want you to call attention to it for holidays to come.


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