Frameless Shower Doors

Privacy please. Clear frameless glass showers are as timeless and beautiful as a freestanding soaking tub. They are not for everyone though, because some folks just don’t like the idea of standing in the middle of the room and showering. There are options for those who seek a more modest experience.


Showers can be placed in corners of larger baths, we have designed bathrooms with showers in a separate room, and there are ways to make an obstructed view and still have a clear opening. Because we meet with clients for whom privacy is a concern, we thought we would share the simplest solution; obscure glass. This is also a good solution for people who are unhappy with seeing water spots or who want to squeegee less.


It is important to look at samples of different glass to determine what will work in your design and which ones deliver the amount of transparency you want.  Pictures is a frosted glass enclosure. If you do not enjoy the green tint it casts, there is an option to spend more and use a low iron glass.


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