Getting a Handle on Cabinet Hardware

You’ve finally chosen beautiful new cabinets to go into your home. You’ve picked the finish, the door style… there is one last detail that can make a major difference with your kitchen or bath renovation, and that is the hardware! Many people know what finish they want to use, it is the challenge of what style, size and use of the hardware. Well selected cabinet hardware is an opportunity to increase the over all design aesthetic. 


Here are some things to keep in mind:


  1. The shape and style of the hardware can change the feel of the space, turning shaker style cabinets into a traditional, transitional or contemporary environment. The hardware finish and design can help push your design to a higher level by adding value in it presence, and typically the hardware is less than 1% of the overall budget so spend a little time to get some wow factor built in.
  2. Use more than one size and sometimes use more than one design. Some areas can benefit by adding back plates to a knob to provide some bulk or accent. When a drawer and door rhythm needs help with a balanced feel, the addition of a back plate can add relief from that repetition. Large or over-sized pulls can conjure a sense of quality or purpose when added to a tall pantry cabinet. We have found that by mixing up the size and shape of the cabinet hardware, you can add to the tailored appearance and also create a better working space.
  3. Like so many things in the design world, scale or size is very important. If you have a project with various door/drawer sizes you might need to get the same hardware in a few different sizes so that knobs will not be lost on a wide drawer. There are other benefits to different sizes though, like the tall handle on a pantry cabinet, it offers the little ones in a house to reach the bottom of the hardware so they can get access to the pantry. Pulls that are large enough to drop your hand in make the design work for people with certain disabilities, or can also hold a dish towel at the top of a dishwasher panel. Most manufacturers also make matching or complimentary appliance pulls so you are not restricted to the handles available from the refrigerator you select.

Our designer team gets very excited with any new product designs because we are always looking for something unique to add to our projects. We carry Top Knobs or Schaub which offer a wide variety of ever changing styles, but there is no end to what you can find in the world of hardware. We understand that there is a knob for every person and space, whether it’s a knob on a vanity that needs some bling or oil rubbed pull in a rustic kitchen. Picking hardware for your cabinets doesn’t need to be hard task, and once the right ones are selected the results are always eye catching.


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