Going Green

Going Green

There are some maintenance items that you know are looming, and they get put on the back burner. The longer the differed maintenance continues, the bigger the issue. When Ray moved his family to our current office in 2007, the back field was covered in wild mint. It smelled great as it came back in the spring, but slowly the poison ivy crept in along with small trees and shrubs until it became unmanageable. Time for a full gut renovation!


As with many specialty items, sometimes you have to bring in an expert; in this case,42 goats to provide our demolition of the invasive plants that claimed our space. Poison ivy be gone. There are times that you have let mother nature take care of mother nature so we are doing just that. The path behind our office that links the town baseball fields to the ice cream store has finally become so overgrown with poison ivy we felt the need to act fast.


We have decided to time lapse the goats’ appetites over the next week to see what 42 goats can do. Check back on our Facebook page next week to see what happens! Until then there is a before and after of one day of munching!


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