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The Happy Hour(s)

If there is anything we have been consistently in favor of at the beginning of the day and as the day winds down; it would be a good cup of coffee and a well-made cocktail.

Let’s be honest these are unique times and if these comforts make your day a little more joyful then we say take the time to enjoy them. The key to enjoyment is a thoughtfully planned space.
Will we be excited by the long lines at Starbucks when we are OK to stand toe to heel? Are you looking forward to smiling at the bartender trying to make contact when our favorite restaurant bars run-eth over? I’m sure there are a few things we don’t miss; so perhaps planning for the improved future by way of a dedicated space for morning coffee, on more frequent work from home days, or a wet bar makes a lot of sense. Soon we will be able to enjoy less waiting and still have our friends over.
To create a coffee or small social space you don’t need a lot of real estate, just enough to place some cups and glasses with enough room to enjoy the task of concocting, serving or that alone time coffee while the kids are “in zoom school”. A dedicated cabinet may useful for storing that season’s libations or preferred roast, because we have four seasons, we can swap out Irish cream for Limoncello. An undercounter fridge is a bonus to keep the wine and beer to complete the bar setup. Maybe a small espresso or Nescafé machine in your special space… let the Keurig do the utility work in the kitchen.
All of our staff have different home situations right now and I am sure there are a lot of variables to this… like the age of people now at home and time available. We do hope that this was a little alone time to think about a little more alone time and to make it work for you!


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