Here When You Need Us, Since 1992

Weathering the storm has as much to do with our passion for building as it does with how we run our business and take care of our people.

The Wiese Company has ridden the rollercoaster of prosperous times and economic slowdowns; building booms and the near devastating busts that came with 9/11 and the financial collapse in 2008. If this is your first foray into the unknown, I hope you can have faith that we all will get through this together.


In 1992, I had a pager… primarily because my second oldest was due any time and I couldn’t afford to keep leaving the jobsite to find a payphone to see if it was time to go to the hospital. In the last almost 30 years I have learned how to adjust to rapidly changing economies, technologies and now how to keep our staff and your family separate so we can finish projects, and hopefully soon start some new ones. In 2007 I got creative and bought a couple of in need of renovation and new home projects to keep some great people employed like this memorable project in Wellesley.


Though construction is currently considered an “essential business” which allows us to work during the current crisis, challenges like this will have a major impact on the industry we work in. You may have a project you would like to do, but understandably want to make the health and safety of your family a priority.  If there is something you need done… a back-yard deck, or a renovation that we can build temporary access to… let us know… if not, we can’t wait to see you on the other side of this momentous time in our lives.


Be well, be safe! Ray


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