Home Apps Roundup

Home Apps Roundup

Here is a roundup of Apps for easier living in the new year-from home management systems, to home décor to inspiration. If you are considering home renovation or have recently completed a job here are some ideas for how to make your home function efficiently or to begin filling your newly remodeled spaces.


Home Management Apps

With everyone’s “on the go” lifestyle it is nice to have the convenience of managing your home from on the go. Here are some solutions to help.


Honeywell Bluetooth-Enabled Thermostat

Thermostats have come a long way and after the Nest craze, and some new options have cropped up. One we like is the Honeywell thermostat which enables you to quickly reset your heating or cooling schedule throughout the year. Just as important, you can reduce the temperature when you head out to ski country, and turn the heat up before you get home from vacation late at night. The important thing to consider is your tech level. Ray used the Honeywell RTH8580WF for ease of programming as he is less tech savvy, and left the app install to his wife who manages the temperature. There are major rebates for certain programmable thermostats at Mass Save that can actually pay for the new thermostat.


Home Décor Apps


Starting renovation or filling or furnishing rooms when the renovation is complete can feel overwhelming. These apps can help you try something on for size to see how your vision may play out before hitting the “purchase now” button!


Color Capture

If you see a color you love, snap a photo and the app will you give suggested paint options to match it. It’s got more than 3,000 paint colors, so you’re guaranteed to have options you’ll love. Download for free on iOS or Android


Artfully Walls

Empty Walls? Choosing art isn’t as easy as it seems, and scrolling through thousands of options online can be borderline anxiety-attack inducing. That’s where this app comes in — it has a “try-on wall” that’ll help you decide on the best arrangement for your space — before you start putting holes in the walls. Download for free on iOS.


Home Renovation Inspiration Apps



It still reigns as one of the top apps for home inspiration for interiors and exteriors. CNN dubbed this the Wikipedia of interior design, so it needs to be at the top of your home decor app arsenal. It’s got 16 million+ high-res images of interiors (and exteriors!), you can share the photos or annotate them, shop from over 10 million products, read reviews, save from featured sales, and even use the View in My Room 3D feature to see what products would look like in your space. Download for free on iOS or Android



Where else would you turn to be inspired? When you don’t know where to start, start with Pinterest. Download for free on iOS or Android


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