How to Integrate a TV into Your Kitchen

When I began my career as a designer, the TV was often one of those shameful items that I would sometimes get apologies or excuses for. “I have it so the kids can watch educational programming twice a week”, or “We don’t often watch TV unless there is a newsworthy event”. Fast forward about 10 years and TVs have become flat, and large. Everyone is proud of theirs!


Now we put televisions in kitchens and baths on a regular basis so our clients can participate fully in the “information age”. We have little time to read the paper and everyone likes to find out what the weather is going to be, or perhaps we can binge watch a full season of a show on a Sunday and not let cooking dinner together interrupt that. I see the movement for multimedia, and the desire to have that at hand, as becoming a part of the integral design. People want the TV designed into the space rather than just finding a place for the television.


At this year’s Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) we found this mechanical lift (see video) so that the TV doesn’t have to dominate the space when it is not in use. Hit the remote and the TV glides back up into the cabinet.


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On a project we did in the city, the family had us frame out the millwork at the island to hold the TV in a more architected setting. The client plans on having family photos stream on the TV when it isn’t on, providing a second use with more purpose. If you are designing a kitchen and want a TV, ask your designer how you may better integrate that into the design.


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