How to Winter Like the Danes

We are consistent about not being trendy for good reason; design should remain evergreen so that as moods and times changes, small updates can have an impact similar to the change in the seasons.  


When planned properly, a home will create that feeling of place, anchoring you in your surroundings so you know you are content in the moment. One such tradition is the Danish tradition of hygge (pronounced hoo-ga). Many of you are familiar with this trend from its past phrase debut in the U.S. about three years ago, but like all things that are good for us; sometimes we need a little reminder to give ourselves the time to enjoy the life we are working at.

Hygge has been a key part of Danish culture since the early 1800s when the word first appeared in the written language (it's derived from a Norwegian word for "well-being"). For the Danes it is not just a one act encounter, it is a lifestyle. They find well-being through the enjoyment of simple things- warmth, coziness, some indulgence in drink or food…anything that brings comfort. Many Americans often have to put more effort into slowing down (or smelling the roses) and unplugging long enough to find our hygge groove. The Danes welcome it and prioritize it as part of the day; it is an effortless act.


As 2020 comes to a close and we find ourselves embarking on some much-needed solitude, we remind you of this ultimate gift- time to be content in your surroundings. Over the years we have designed and constructed some really special spaces in the homes we work in from window seats to ponder squirrel watching and soaking tubs to let go for a while. With no guests to pamper and no parties to attend, we encourage you take this time to find your hygge!


While we can always build your walls and create spaces that offer warmth and security, we need you to light the fire and enjoy the time that is important. In a recent re-imagination of game room to lounge, the Owner selected “Shou-sugi-ban” which is an ancient Japanese wood burning technique that leaves wood with a beautiful textural char on the surface. This surround wrapped both the fireplace and TV together lending continuity and a natural element to the electronic age. To add more dynamic character to the room the cabinets were painted Benjamin Moore’s Autumn Purple that when coupled with gold accents makes a space worth gathering in. We can’t wait to show you the full space when we can open its accordion glass doors in the spring to show how it ties to the rest of the home’s entertaining spaces.


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