Induction Cooking Benefits

The first induction cooktop our firm installed was in our hometown of Sherborn over a decade ago. This kitchen was created with a traditional feel, but with modern Sub Zero and Wolf appliances…and the beginning of a new era in cooking would be full steam ahead (no pun intended). I remember talking with this client; a very fashion-forward and savvy consumer. She, who also selected Benjamin Moore’s “Temptation Gray”, for her foyer and as similar color for the island… also the start of the grey movement!


If you’re invited into a remodeled kitchen any time soon, there is a pretty good chance you will see an induction cooktop. Even with the popularity of induction on the rise, you may not be sold that this is an appliance that may take over gas as a preferred cooking method. So, if customer-testimonials are not enough and you are ready to renovate your kitchen it would be worth a visit to an appliance store that offers demonstrations.


If you have ever uttered the words, “Not tonight, it will take too long for the water to boil.” Or have lied to yourself with the optimistic phrase, “dinner will be ready in five minutes” without so much as having turned on the stove, then yes, induction cooking can change your life. Here are some key plusses of working with induction:

  • Water begins to bubble the minute your pan hits the stove.
  • You can bring a pan from full heat to simmer in the blink of an eye and then right back up to full heat immediately. It is truly amazing and gives you total control over what you are preparing.
  • You really can have pasta cooked and ready for doling out to kids quickly; skipping the ten-minute water heat up.
  • Grease splatters are cleaned up right away because the cooktop cools very quickly (a benefit for those among us who share the “clean it up right away” mentality.
  • The barrier to entry for some is the thought of having to buy all new cookware for the stove, but if you are a mildly serious cook, it is likely your cookware already has the needed magnetic properties. Curious? Take a magnet and test your pots and pans.


Here is a great video from Wolf with their in-house chef demonstrating a lot of the features called out above. Get cooking! For more insight on induction cooking from a bog post from our archives read more here.

A recently renovated Newton kitchen showcases how far induction cooktops have come. The unit is slim enough to allow for a full drawer below it conveniently housing all the chef’s tools.


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