An Island Oasis… in your kitchen.

If you think about it, the hardest working part of your home is likely your kitchen island. When we are designing a kitchens we often spend as much time on the island details as we do on the rest of the space!

There are typically some space or lay-out challenges when an island is being designed so it is a good idea to prioritize what you want it to do- besides look like handsome. An island can be used for additional storage, a separate prep space, a baker’s dream space or the emphasis can be on entertaining… the goal is to end up with multi-tasking work horse. Add a built-in refrigerator if you want the family or guests to have easy access to beverages, stand mixer lifts get the heavy appliance right where you need it if you bake often, and prep sinks and/or built in cutting boards make a messy job more manageable. Of course, lots of strategically placed outlets for all things modern and plug-in will help… there are new guidelines for receptacle placement that will require a bit more strategy with the design also.
Whatever your goal we can creatively design an island that will serve you well and offer a beautiful focal point in the kitchen. Here is a roundup of some our favorites to inspire you to build a lasting piece of what you might call the everything space.


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