Maximize Your Kitchen Island’s Functionality

When renovating a space that is as highly functional as a kitchen we may try to capture all the different functionalities we want to see in the space, but there seems to be always something extra we can introduce. As kitchen islands continue to multi-task, get larger and remain for many as a must-have in kitchen remodels, the need to find creative solutions for power access both for small appliances and computers and devices alike is high on the list.


The low battery warning while grabbing breakfast with e-mail doesn’t have to require running a cord from one end of the island, where code requires an outlet as a safety measure. Often, we will sneak an extra outlet under the counter near the stools as an easy way to have something closer… but they can be a pain to plug into.


As our last takeaway from the Kitchen & Bath Design Show last month we offer one more item to consider- the Pop-Up Kitchen Power Grommet from Doug Mockett & Co. Not a new concept, but sleek and well-designed. The grommet is water tight, GFCI protected and tamper resistant, and it features circuit breaker protection for in use power safety. A press of the finger pops it up when needed and down to disappear into a nearly flush surface. This small addition to the kitchen counter allows easy access to plug-in and recharge.


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