Modern Bath Hardware & 3D Technology

In the last few years the 3D printer has made its way into a number of unconventional places- libraries, schools and makerspaces (the convergence of old school woodshop and modern-day technology workspace) as well as from the aerospace industry to automotive and medical manufacturing. 


Its’ popularity has forced it to become part of our common design vernacular. This same technology has allowed Kallista, a coveted high-end kitchen and bath manufacturer and Kohler’s high-end brand, to design their most recent offering- the Grid Collection. Kallista partnered with 3rd Dimension, a 3D printing specialist and metal manufacturer to achieve the bath sink faucet in this collection. Also included in the collection is a wall-hung console, lighting and accessories.


According to Kallista, “the Grid Collection is a testament to the clean, minimalist forms that rose to prominence with the advent of the De Stijl movement at the turn of the 20th century and its shift from excessive decoration to employing the principles of geometry to create precise works of art.” At first glance the faucet’s form is architecturally unique, but one doesn’t readily identify that it now must function like a faucet with water running through it. It is only through the 3D printing process that the faucet’s open form still allows for water to flow through “discreet interior channels”. I can see this being a great talking point in a powder room or inspiring the next generation of inventors and designers in a children’s bath.


Bold style is worth consideration when you are spending significant dollars on renovating a room that can be elevated by the accessories that complement the overall look and feel; read more about our take on cabinet hardware. Some other brands worth browsing when choosing new bath hardware are tried-and-tested GROHE and DXV for luxury options, as well take a peek at industry-leader Waterworks, Restoration Hardware and American-made Rejuvenation. On a recent job in Newton, MA a family opted for the modern and minimalistic approach in both bath remodels using product from Restoration Hardware and a leader in modern design, Dornbracht.


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