Open-Concept Kitchen Welcomes Everyone In…and Through

Open-Concept Kitchen Welcomes Everyone In…and Through

Home Stats: A traditional center-entry colonial that has been updated for casual family living in phase one when the Owners created a unified dining/living environment. 


The existing kitchen and laundry were creating a traffic pattern that was restrictive to the best entrance from the home to the pool (where the homeowners spend much of their summer with friends and family). The existing Den was not something the family used and hoped it could provide a separate space not connected to the living room.


Clients’ Needs: This active family of six, enjoys spending time together in their home and really likes the open feeling in the living room. The Owners knew the kitchen renovation was more than due, and wanted to make it more efficient for food preparation and getting the kids out the door in the morning. They were also very interested in how this could incorporate the den and a laundry upgrade and make this a lifestyle improvement… more than emphasizing new cabinets, counters and appliances.


Challenges & Approach: Opening up the wall between the kitchen and dining room created opened space- BUT- reduced cabinet storage. We remedied this with a kitchen island that had storage on three sides as well as housed built in refrigeration. Borrowing space from the den still left some nice soft seating as part of the kitchen and we were able to create a “work Station” lay-out so that traffic to and from the pool wouldn’t impede the utility a kitchen needs.


The Solution: The result of this multi tasking renovation is a first floor that flows seamlessly; and while open allows for everyone to have some space for reading, studying or conversation while still being near each other. We understood how the laundry that existed was less than ideal for coming and going to the pool and had originally planned a renovation in place. After discussing the temporary laundry location with the Owner- we called an “audible” and decided to relocate the laundry to a future laundry room at the bottom of the basement stair- making the pool-pass-through a great place to help while entertaining outside!


Homeowners’ Reflections on Renovation


What are your friends’ favorite part of the room when they see it for the first times?
The fridge drawers. Hands down. A friend insisted we had to have them. Ray tried to cut them out of the budget a few times, (ha ha!), but we’re very happy we made them work. They make entertaining so much easier. People feel comfortable helping themselves, and it saves so much room in the refrigerator. No more ice buckets for parties!


How has the renovation changed the way you live?
We enjoy being home more and we are more relaxed at home. We are proud to entertain family and friends. The kids love inviting their friends over now and our teenage daughter’s friends feel very much at home in this kitchen and we love that. They’ll sit at the peninsula for hours and we have great conversations. That did not happen in the old space.


What routines have changed based on your new kitchen layout?
The biggest, and greatest change is that the kids used to do homework in their bedrooms but now they do it in the kitchen so we are together more, which we are very thankful for.


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