Our 90-Day Return Visit

Our 90-Day Return Visit

When Do We Consider a  Renovation Job Complete?


The short answer is when the customer is satisfied. The long answer is that we want folks to feel comfortable to call us long after a project is complete to help with any issue that comes up. Having work done on your home can be similar to visiting relatives… it’s great when they arrive, but if it is an extended stay, it’s kind of nice to have your home back. When a project is finished, we want people to know we took care of every detail on the punch list before we leave. Then we reassure them we will be back after they’re settled in and have had some time to enjoy the space without a work crew on site.


For maintenance items that are not covered under warranty, as well as, a review of the work, we take a proactive approach with a complimentary 90-day return visit. We do this for many reasons; most important is that it provides assurance that we are not just moving on to the next project, and secondarily our customer may have noticed some adjustments to hardware or have questions about a product that was used. If your renovation company does not offer this then this might be a red flag.


Common Interior Post-Renovation Adjustments


During renovation some items we install, over time, will shrink, come out of adjustment and make a few odd sounds while acclimating. In the winter as dew points drops and in the summer with the fluctuation in humidity it is not uncommon for there to be separation in some of the trim or for wood flooring to open and close in gaps. It is also in the first 90 days that some hardware may loosen prematurely and counter tops and tile backsplashes have minor separation from settling. Typical things we address at no charge at our 90-day follow-up:

  • Caulking touch-up’s to counters, trim and tile areas.
  • Hardware adjustments to cabinets, doors and windows.
  • Loose nails, screws or bath hardware.


Common Exterior Post- Renovation and Addition Adjustments


Surprisingly, even with more drastic conditions of wet and dry, we see far less issues with settling on a home’s exterior. Things that can arise and be repaired may be:

  • Exterior molding expanding and contracting.
  • Deck boards with cracks or splits or the occasional warped baluster.
  • Door and window adjustments with locks or operation.


Common Mechanical Adjustments after Home Renovation


If we worked on the heating, air conditioning or electrical system, there are a few common issues that may come up. New regulations require “arc fault” circuit breakers be installed, and there are many complaints that they trip too easily. Hot water heating systems may have air trapped after an initial bleeding and may result in requiring some additional purging (a gurgling noise is a first sign). New air conditioners cannot be charged in winter months because the system calls for heat.


Common concerns and repairs we will take care of:

  • Heating or HVAC system may require adjusting
  • Electrical switches or breakers may require swapping.
  • Plumbing and electrical fixtures may need tightening or adjustment. 


Examples of issues that we have addressed in 90-day follow-up visits. Some expected, some not, all addressed!


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