Our Sister Company Celebrates 20 Years of Remodeling in MetroWest!

Sherborn Kitchens + Bath serves as The Wiese Company‘s official showroom. The note below is from the founder of the company, Ray Wiese, 20 years in business has left a couple of gray hairs on this remodeler (well, maybe more than a couple). 


I opened our doors in 1992 during an election year when incumbent George Bush Sr. faced unknown Bill Clinton and the first serious (did I say serious?) 3rd party candidate ever Ross Perot. The country was still trying to pull out of a recession that seemed to linger on… based mostly on a housing bubble crash (with a minor banking crisis). I guess this is a “full circle” story. With each passing year we have seen some of the country’s best and worst economic times. Hard to believe some of our most challenging times were at the height of the boom! You may have experienced the same issues I did-tradesmen that were too busy to return calls, human resource issues at their peak and the out of control price of goods. As we move forward past the recent economic climate, I am grateful for what that GREAT recession has proved to me:

  • The most important part of our business is customer service.
  • By hiring like-minded people, our staff jumps right in to take their share of the project on with equal fervor and care.
  • Committing to quality and value creates happy customers who will refer us to their friends and family… just like in 1992.


I can hardly express the gratitude and satisfaction of working on your homes and with your families… here’s to another 20 years!


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