Paint Color Trends for 2012

One of the most frequent questions our design team is asked is what’s new in paint. Good news, The Paint Quality Institute recently identified the hot paint colors*  for 2012.  And according to Debbie Zimmer, color expert, the 2012 paint palette will draw heavily upon the natural colors in the American landscape. 


  1. Blue, the Jewel of the Sea Blues gained popularity in 2011 and continue to in 2012. “From sparkling sea-glass blue to colonial blue-grey, blues are suitable for all living spaces, being a naturally soothing color that is loved – in one iteration or another — by almost everyone,” says Zimmer.
  2. Green, From Farm to Forest Greens, ranging from celery and asparagus to fir and fern, allow homeowners to bring the comforting feelings of the world outside into the world within. According to Zimmer, dining rooms and kitchens are the “natural” spots for in vogue greens, but the hue is also at home in family rooms and bedrooms.
  3. Violet, Majestic Purple Mountains “A harmonious combination of patriotic blue and red hues, violet can add ‘punch’ to any room when used as an accent color, or serve as the dominant color in a bedroom,” says Zimmer. Natural hues aren’t the only news. Zimmer also predicted that three paint and decorating trends will gain prominence next year:
  4. Patterns In 2012, patterned paint will take center stage, with increased interest in hound’s-tooth finishes, lacy designs, and bold color blocking techniques. “In some cases, pattern will be the main decorating feature in a room; in others, it will provide a subtle, textured backdrop for fine furnishings and artwork,” says Zimmer.
  5. Black and White You’ll see much more of black and white, from contemporary apartments to historic homes, says Zimmer. “The pairing is a great way to freshen an interior with something smart and stylish,” she says.
  6. Exterior Paint Combinations On the home exterior, shutters colors will begin to shift away from the traditional look of high-contrast green, red, or black to a more monochromatic palette. “You’ll see more shutters that are painted just a shade darker than the siding,” says Zimmer. “Owners of homes with stone exteriors can get in on things by matching the shutter color to the dominant color of the stone.”

*Source: The Paint Quality Institute, Oct. 6, 2011


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