With the advent of the internet we have adapted to a culture of information overload. Gone are the days of magazine clippings pinned up for inspiration.

We love Pinterest for its global reach and sphere of influence. But most importantly, its ability to inspire people to want to make changes in their home and lifestyle. But if we can get real for a moment, if you strive to take all those Pinterest moments and roll them into your renovation your project may begin to take on a mind of its own.


Our job as designers is to listen and look at all your inspiration and filter it into a blend of your space and your likes.  In many cases there a few key parts to any room that can give you the look and feel you are after as well as make the room your own. Whether it be a statement like the tile, floor stain, countertops, range hood, appliances, or cabinet styles we can give you what you are want if you are open to the collaborative process of taking your ideas and making them a reality.

Sometimes folks get frustrated while pursuing a renovation because they have had a bit too much “online overload” trying to make the inspiration photo fit their size work area. The inspiration list can be achieved in ways you may not have even thought of; so, settle in and we will help you sort it out.


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