Prepare for Rain!!!

I know that many of you are already having difficulty with ice dams- the worst isn’t over and with rain coming this weekend, you may be in for a double whammy.  When the rain comes and the snow melts, the volume of water will increase and may also be looking for a way into your basement. 


If you have a sump pump- check it now!  If you want to be prepared- go buy the back-up pump before they are sold out.  Unfortunately, our firm does not offer ice dam removal or flood remediation because we are already committed to projects that we guarantee will be on time and the weather has been a terrible burden logistically.  We have heard from some landscaping and paving contractors that they still have room to add a couple of roof removals so do your best to get that snow off the roof before the weekend!


Best wishes and good luck to everyone! I know we are all New Englanders and we will surely be talking about the winter of 2015 for some time.


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