Remodel & Recycle a Kitchen

Recycling your kitchen for “good.” Do you ever wonder where all of the kitchen cabinets, countertops and appliances go when an unflattering, yet seemingly, perfectly useful kitchen is in need of a facelift? It’s a question we often get asked very close to the start of a project… so we can give you the inside scoop early. 


Kitchen Remodeling 101
The concern of discarding the old to update with new needn’t impair your excitement about the opportunity to make your space work better for your family. At The Wiese Company we often offer the “kitchen” to organizations that reuse the parts and pieces and give them a second life. While it is not always possible to take this avenue, we strive to make this practice part of our remodeling mission.


Wellesley Kitchen Remodel
In a current home remodeling project in Wellesley a homeowner wanted a kitchen addition and to update the flow of the space and with that came a full kitchen remodel. Since the kitchen was in great shape we took advantage of the opportunity to give the kitchen a second life (kitchen pictured at left).


Home Furnishings Donation Organizations
Thanks to well-known organizations like Habitat for Humanity and Renovation angel® the used goods may find a second life.  

  • Habitat for Humanity’s Habitat ReStores (which just opened a new location in Ashland, MA,) offers the chance to donate gently used appliances and building materials. 

  • Renovation angel® whose niche is recycling luxury kitchens come in to carefully remove countertops to keep them intact, uninstall cabinets and fixtures and roll away appliances. It takes a little more time to go through this exercise than to demo it, but it is a better outcome for the environment and landfills. And there are upsides beyond that with full tax deduction and savings, professional insured removal, pack and transport and disposal cost savings.

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