Retreat to Your Own Backyard

When you think about the extra time we are spending in our home; and likely with your family in close proximity, one word may bring a smile to your face- retreat.

It is a great word with many meanings; but we are choosing to examine it in a positive light with the definition of “a quiet or secluded place in which one can rest and relax.”  We could all use a little of that right now despite loving our homes and wanting to make them the best they can be, it is also enticing to want to get out of them as the weather warms.

 We thought about what types of projects we could embark on with clients that could really change the way they live right now. We thought the gift of the outdoors… or distance on one’s own property may be just thing. Thinking outside “the box”, which we have affectionately named our home in the last month, we landed on the idea of designing some easy ideas to be out… and free of that other thing we had to worry about last year… mosquitos!

 A screened space provides another structure to “steal away to” and enjoy some time alone or having a meal in a different environment. It is also a fun way to entertain if you sit on one side, and your friend sits 6 feet away (until we get the OK for bigger parties). While not everyone has lot sizes that can accommodate another structure, these examples are drawn on the small size to accommodate most towns 120’ no permit structure… but if you want a bigger space, we can do that.  

Other ideas for bringing a little more fun to the outdoors were the ideas of a porch swing firepit or a treehouse for those cramped up kids. Dream outside your box and let’s see what we can create together.


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