Same House, New Owners

We have been working in the same communities of MetroWest for almost 30 years; and in these tight-knit communities, we do a lot of repeat work and referral work. 


It is very rewarding to be back in a home to do another project and see how the children have grown and to catch up with old friends. Because of these relationships we often gets passed along to our customers' friends and family, so we get to know the extended family of those who live nearby.
Recently, we had an amazing opportunity to work in a home we won a Contractor of the Year award for in 2004. The family we re-invented the home for in 2003 was now leaving, and the new Owners were referred because we have worked for one of their siblings and other friends in town.

The average trend cycle in home design is about twenty years (for most things that are not classic like this Dutch Colonial) which happens to also coincide with the buy/sell cycle of home ownership. When the bones are good… it is easy enough to put a fresh new look together that makes the house... your home.The updates in this classic home included a hall bath with an added tub for the younger children and changing the once popular mahogany den into a more current vibe using todays bold color pallets. The owner replaced some other items throughout with fresh tile, a newly stained and finished floor, paint and hardware. It was great to be in this home again and see a young family preparing to make it their own for the decades to come. Check out some before and after pictures below.


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