Showplace Cabinets KCMA Certified

Showplace Cabinets KCMA Certified

How solid are the kitchen cabinets we outfit your homes with? The short answer: certified solid. When you renovate your kitchen, baths or other rooms of your home you want to be certain that your replacements are better than what came before. Today, you can’t always be sure this is true as some things were made better 70 years ago when production was slower and many things were made by hand.


Showplace Cabinetry, one of two cabinet lines we carry in our Showroom was just certified by KCMA (Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer’s Association). This means the cabinets they manufacture have passed the toughest tests of durability and performance in the marketplace today. These independent tests evaluate the following:

  • Cabinet structure – loading cabinet shelving with 15 pounds per square foot, gradually loading mounted cabinets to 500 pounds, and dropping a three-pound weight at six inches above the cabinet bottom to evaluate the overall strength and durability

  • Drawer operation – cycling drawers 25,000 times fully-loaded with 15 pounds per square inch

  • Door operation – opening and closing cabinet doors 25,000 times and testing their ability to withstand 65 pounds of hanging weight

  • Cabinetry finish – exposing cabinets to stain threats like vinegar, grape juice, coffee, alcohol, and even mustard for varying amounts of time to ensure any discoloration can be easily cleaned without any lasting damage

  • Temperature – placing cabinets in a humid heat-box for 24 hours at 120-degrees to ensure no finish blistering or discoloration


With this said, we are sure these cabinets will hold up to the rigors of yours and your family’s daily life for the years ahead. But just as important as a solid product is a product made with the environment in mind. Showplace Cabinetry that is also a certified member of the Environmental Stewardship Program (ESP) of the KCMA which has a strong environmental commitment both to how raw materials are procured as well as how their facilities manufacture your goods and many more environmentally friendly practices. Learn more here.


With all the testaments to their quality and manufacturing practices you can be sure you are receiving a top-rated product; if you weren’t, we wouldn’t recommend it!


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