Slate Floor Removal

In renovation you see design that came before and with each floor board you pull or wall you tear down you learn something new. In this case it was no surprise what we found, it is worth commenting on for the homeowners who ready themselves for material removal during a renovation.


Slate was a common floor material in the 70’s and many people assume it is a thinner material when they decide to remove it and update it with something new. In a current project we lifted slate flooring that was 2” thick. Because of this the floor was framed 2” below the rest of the house which leads to quite a gap when it is removed.  It is a lot of work to remediate and account for the gap in this scenario, but it is not unexpected, and usually is not as thick as this so this is a unique example in our history of doing this kind of work.


If you have something in your house that looks like this and you plan to update the flooring it is good to know what lays beneath. 



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